Europe 25 EOI

BRYO is planning a tour exclusively for the Symphony Orchestra to Europe in the 2025 September state school holidays. This exciting tour is designed to inspire the members musically, give them an exciting goal to work towards and provide them with the amazing team work opportunities that tours provide.

Please read through the details below.  We are looking for this expression of interest to be completed by Wednesday 21st February to assist with our planning. 

Approx Travel dates: 
24th September - 4th October 2025.

Accommodation will be in comfortable inner-city hotels, single beds with 2-4 per room.

Musical Experiences and Activities:
The tour will include workshops with industry professionals, concerts with local youth orchestras in world class performance buildings and also a performance at Disneyland Paris. 

The current estimated cost per person is $5000 (before fundraising) which includes flights, airport transfers, bus hire, accommodation, all activities, a tour shirt and most meals. A deposit of $500 will be due in April and the remainder will be paid in timely instalments. Fundraising opportunities will be made available to all players.

Tour Supervision:
We will be travelling with approximately 8 chaperones for the group made up of BRYO music team conductors and committee members. This will depend on the numbers travelling. 

One of the chaperones will hold a current first aid certificate and be tasked with monitoring any medical requirements.

The purpose of the tour is to inspire our young musicians in their practice and provide motivation for their musical growth. It's also a great time of working together as a team and many musicians find that the tours and camps are some of the most memorable times in their musical development. 

We have toured to throughout Australia, New Zealand, China and America and members who attended these tours will tell you many stories from our trips!

More details will follow if enough members are interested in attending.

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