Natisha Ford



Natisha Ford

Natisha is currently completing her third year of Bachelor Teaching/Bachelor Arts (Secondary) at Australian Catholic University. Her teaching areas include Music, History and RE. This year is Natisha’s first year being a part of BRYO and she is very much enjoying the experience.​

Natisha has been involved in Bands and Choirs for many years throughout High school and University. She has travelled to Sydney twice to participate in a national choral workshop and also participated in BRYO’s recent rural aid tour.

While Piano is her primary instrument, Natisha has had experience playing many instruments including Alto and Soprano Saxophone, Clarinet, Percussion, Recorder and Vocals. She currently teaches private piano and vocal lessons, as well as provides piano accompaniment for various groups and soloists.

Natisha is extremely passionate about Music education and cannot wait to complete her degree and begin her teaching career. The skills she will acquire through this experience will benefit her future teaching and ensemble direction. She is very honored and excited to be BRYO’s conductor in training for 2018 and is grateful for the opportunity.

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